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Costa rica dating customs

The national pastime, soccer (fotbol), takes a back seat to the male bonding and the prowess of successful flirting.Simple arithmetic necessitates newly liberated women throughout Costa Rica must be accepting short term relationships as well.The winner of an all-male argument usually stops short out of courtesy allowing the loser to save some face.If you verbally put a Tico down, don’t be surprised to discover scratches on your car, or your dog has been poisoned.

Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

Saving face is a priority, especially when it is a question of their intelligence.

Managers must be careful disciplining a male employee, and to treat him as an equal who has strayed.

Religion gives them something to hold on to, a belief in the afterlife.

However, in Costa Rica church attendance is relatively low.

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The macho attitude is possibly more subdued in Costa Rica than other Latin American countries, but still prevalent.

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